Case Study

Case Study 10

Case Study 10


Through an analysis of Temperature Differences between positions 1 and 2 of the CEX12 truck, it was detected that position 1 (front right), was heated much more than position 2 (front left), with a difference of 15 ° C.


The tire maintenance area was notified and requested to check the truck suspensions.


The maintenance area detected that one of the rear suspensions was damaged. Then it was deduced that the truck was distributing the loads poorly and position 1 was carrying a greater amount of the load than position 2. The maintenance area made a change to the suspension and the temperature difference was reduced to 5 ° C.


By reducing the temperature difference it follows that the load received by position 1 was reduced and the load at position 2 increased, generating a more equitable distribution of the loads. This will allow the tire of position 1 not to get so hot, and that all the forces in the tire decrease, increasing the life of the tire and reducing the chances of a tire blowout prematurely.